Online Publications


“#BaysDecision: Millennial Fandom and the Failures of Switched at Birth’s Sexual Assault Education Campaign” Transformative Works and Cultures, Special Issue on Social TV Fandom and the Media Industries. Forthcoming March 2018.

“TV Critics and Taste Culture, Or Why Everyone Ignored Oxygen’s Funny Girls,” Flow Journal 23.05.  27 March 2017.

“Post-Truth, Satire, and Postmodern Critique” In Media Res. 31. Jan 2017.

“That’s Not Funny! Cultural Capital and Comedic Critique”
In Media Res. 6 June 2016.

Book Review: Digital Labor: The Internet as Factory and Playground, edited by Trebor Scholz. Transformative Works and Cultures. Vol 15 (2014).



Bitch Flicks

“The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and the Pathologizing of Female Desire,” November 5, 2015.

The Fosters Sexuality, and the Challenges of Parenting While Feminist,” September 25, 2015.

“Misogyny Demons and Wesley’s Tortured Masculinity in Joss Whedon’s Angel,” June 23, 2015.

“Invisible Fat Women on How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory,” April 20, 2015.

Entertainment Weekly

“Stars Holla: A Love Letter to the Gilmore Guys Podcast,” September 21, 2015.

 The Outtake

Smarter Audiences are not the reason niche comedy is thriving on TV,” September 8, 2016.

The Martian is about more than STEM. It’s also about the Humanities.”
October 5, 2015

Community: (Postmodern) Media Studies 101,” March 31, 2015.

Smile Politely

Keep Making Beautiful Things: Dr Kate Clancy chats about her new Period Podcast