Digital Projects

Wedding Writing Project

In the fall of 2021, I started a new writing project exploring the intersection of gender, weddings, feminist theory, pop culture, and media. My goal is to work through my research on reading on the topic while translating academic literature and theory for a general audience.

You can read along here!


I’ve produced several segments for The Journal of Cinema and Media Studies’ Aca-Media podcast, you can listen to them here:

Academic Job Market Series
Part 1 | Part 2 

Segment on The American Archive of Public Broadcasting
March 2020

My Stint as Guest Host
January 2019

Segment on assigning podcast projects in media courses
November 2017

Desktop Documentary

As part of a seminar on Desktop Documentaries at SCMS 2021, I produced a three minute desktop doc about watching The Bachelor with my mom and the experience of popular culture in our every day lives. The prompt was to choose a media text, ask a question about it, research the answer, and record the process on your desktop within 3 minutes.

I’m excited to make more of these to illustrate my work in multi-modal formats in the future.

For more info on the desktop film form – check out this intro video!

Video Editing

I’ve started to take on freelance editing projects for scholars who need help with lecture videos, virtual conference talks, and other research based video editing projects. Check out the trailer I made recently for the Cinema’s First Nasty Women archival film project.

Nanette Syllabus

Jennifer Binis and I spearheaded an ongoing crowdsourced effort to compile resources related to Hannah Gadsby’s groundbreaking comedy special, which we named the Nanette Syllabus .

You can also check out Edweek’s coverage of the syllabus effort here!

Comedy Blog Issue Indexes

As part of the SCMS Comedy and Humor Studies Scholarly Interest Group steering committee, I created a website for members to share resources. One of these resources are the Issue Indexes” meant to act as round-ups of critical writing on recent topics relating to humor and comedy.