Courses Taught

West Chester University of Pennsylvania (2019-present)

Each link connects to the course syllabus/website.

Proposed Course Syllabus- Critical Digital Literacy

The Internet, Culture, and Society – MDC 316

Media Literacy – MDC 253 

Media and Culture Theory – MDC 254

Media Technology – MDC 251

The History of Stand-Up Comedy in Popular Media – MDC 490

Saint Louis University (2018-2019)

Each link connects to the course syllabus/website.

Public Speaking – CMM 1200

Media  and Society – CMM 2400

Analysis of Popular Culture – CMM 3840
   Example of student final syllabus project

Digital Storytelling – CMM 4810 – Spring 2019
   (adapted from Dr. Mary Gould’s syllabus

Film Criticism – CMM 1400 – Spring 2019

University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign (2013-2018)

The following are courses for which I served as the instructor of record.

Each page includes course materials, course descriptions, sample student work, evaluation scores, and reflections on teaching the class. Official evaluation forms and longitudinal score record can be made available by request.

Introduction to Popular Film and Television – MACS 100

Media Literacy – MACS 166

Popular Culture – MACS 320

Sex and Gender in Popular Media – MACS/GWS 356