Areas of Teaching Expertise

I have taught within media and cinema studies, communication, and gender and women’s studies and have experience in large lecture courses, small discussion sections,  blended lecture/discussion formats, and online courses. Because media and communication courses are popular for students both within and outside of the major, I am adept at adapting course instruction and expectations for both majors and non-majors in addition to students from from a diverse array of backgrounds.

In all of my courses, I have sought to integrate technology in ways that further the goals of the courses including websites, instructional classroom technology, social media, and blogging platforms. Finally, having Master’s in media production, I also feel comfortable  teaching production courses and integrating production and practical elements into theoretical courses.

The following are a partial list of areas in which I am qualified to teach:

Writing | Public Speaking |Technology Skills | Storytelling

Gender and Society| Feminist Theory and Methods | Feminist Media Studies

Television Studies | New Media/Internet Studies | Comedy Studies

Popular Culture | Critical and Cultural Theory | Media Literacy 

Film Theory | Media History |Communications Theory

Media Production | Media Law | Cultural Studies of Technology | Social Justice/Movements 

Qualitative Methods | Ethnographic Methods