Additional Production Instruction

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Camp Galileo Summer 2017
Lead Instructor

Winnetka, Illinois

In addition to my college teaching, I also worked at an innovation camp over the summer of 2017 in which I was the lead instructor for a web design course and a video production course at Camp Galileo, a summer camp for grades K-8 that emphasizes the innovator’s process and teaching kids to envision and build a better world. In my role, I worked with campers in 5-8 grade first in designing and creating their own websites and then in planning, shooting, and editing videos for their own YouTube Channel. This teaching experience not only gave me more hands-on experience teaching production and media literacy, but also gave me tools with which to implement the innovator’s process into my college courses. My experience at camp is helping me to better foster an environment in which my students can learn to fail productively, to not be afraid of risks and trying new things, and in which they have more space for learning through trial and error. From a research perspective, I was also given a crash course in the pop culture that kids are consuming, from meme culture to YouTube stars, which has greatly helped expand my understanding of what my own students will be most able to relate to in my college classes.